GNC protein powder?

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Dec 5, 2013 9:01pm
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I went to GNC yesterday and asked which protein powder was best for me. He recommended the Pro Performance AMP Amplified Recovery Protein XR. He said it was good for muscle gain. Have you tried this one? Do you have a favorite?

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Dec 6, 2013 3:16am
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so far I've only tried Dymatize Iso-100 smooth banana flavor whey protein isolate, and it is awesome and mixes well with everything i tried: milk, chocolate milk, almond milk, all that with bananas and blueberries, and the ultimate test, my veggie/fruit smoothie with lots of flavors to meld with (my new protein mix does NOT go well in this UGH). All delicious... good protein source.

06 Dec
At this point in my progress I don't believe different kinds of protein(i.e. "recovery" or anything else) will make that much difference and for my goals (not bodybuilding) I just want more protein various sources, so for me price, flavor, and nutrition content (protein, fat, sugar,etc) were the three main factors.
08 Dec
Oo okay I'll definitely look at that one! Thank you, Patrick!
10 Dec
I've been trying some vegan proteins lately, I'm not vegan but I'm not all that into dairy, either. at first it was weird but I'm figuring out the flavors and what to mix, and I'm pretty happy with em now.