Dietetic Intern-hot nutrition topics?

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Dec 22, 2013 10:38pm
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I'm a dietetic intern- what does this mean? To become a registered dietitian one has to be accepted into an accredited program to get 1200+ practice hours to be eligiable to take the exam to become a RD (registered dietitian). I'm in the middle of completing my internship. To stay as update as possible on all the changes and advancements in the nutrition/dietetics field I'm extremely curious to hear what nutritional topics most interest you!
23 Dec
Ummm, all of them? Lol
23 Dec
I guess I'm more interested in healthy gains and the best way to achieve that.
23 Dec
To big of a question its overwhelming to me..soooo...all of thm :-)
26 Dec
I love reading topics dissecting fad diets or food restrictive diets e.g paleo/vegetarian/vegan/kito-genic etc as a fitness professional I see a lot of people following these diets but missing out foods they love even though they get the results they want well physically anyway but they miss out on the jot that food brings they need proper coaching to help incorporate the foods they love and still be healthy so yeah I enjoy reading those I just finished reading a article on the bad science in the China study book