Healthy eating in a college cafeteria

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Dec 31, 2013 2:28am
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This is for anyone who's in or has been a fitness freak while in college. I have the option of going out and getting food, but the cafeterias are my number one source of food. I find it hard to practice healthy eating without basically eating the same thing everyday. I've tried looking ahead at the menu and planning out my meals, making sure I have just a good balance, and other things. If any of you have suggestions, they'd be greatly appreciated. Also, as a side note, it's hard to have regular eating times, so I'm really able to manage the 5 small meals thing. Is that good or bad?
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Dec 31, 2013 4:27am
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I am a college student living on campus, and I know exactly what you mean. With cafeteria food, you never really know the extent of what you are eating. If your college has a salad bar and grilled meat, that is your best choice. Of course, the meat is probably high sodium and pumped with hormones and antibiotics. I would try to stay with the salad bar as much as possible, if you can bear to eat similar food every day. Then again, you need a protein source, so stick with the grilled meats. I do intermittent fasting, so I never need to worry about breakfast. It is very convenient, and I only need one meal a day in the cafeteria. I have a fridge in my dorm, so I eat one meal a day in my room and one at the cafeteria. That is best, because I keep only good foods in my fridge. If you can invest in a refrigerator, I would highly recommend it, so that you can eat at least one meal a day in your room. 

Hope this helps and God bless!
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Idk how I am just seeing this, but thank you so much!! That's great advice! I still don't have a fridge, but hopefully I can get one for next school year!