Food Supplements in India

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Jan 2, 2014 12:46pm

How much nutrition our body receives is directly related to what kind of food we eat and our basic lifestyle. Although nutrition comes mainly from food, adequate sleep, regular exercise and proper hydration can boost the body’s ability to absorb nutrition from the food it consumes as well as the surrounding environment. Nutrition is present in all food items, just in different proportions and forms. We must try and include all the different food groups into our diet so that we can get all the various nutrients, minerals and vitamins present in them. A well balanced diet includes small amounts of complex carbohydrates, proteins, fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and good fats. The absence of any of the above mentioned food groups can lead to nutrition deficiency problems which in turn cause various diseases and health problems.

These days the intake ofSupplements India has increased rapidly. This is primarily because people are becoming more conscious about their health and the quality of food we eat is not as pure. Although supplements are not an alternative to food but they can replenish the nutrients missing in your body. Also, some supplements are consumed for specific results like weight gain, weight reduction, body building and so on. As we all know that our body needs many nutrients on a daily basis and it is not possible to include all their sources into our daily meals. Therefore it is advisable to buy health supplements online or from a nearby store to satisfy your nutritional requirements.