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Jan 9, 2014 4:29pm
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So switching back on sensible mode after all the chocolates, left overs, Xmas and my bday are a thing of the past... (aswell as my abs :( )

I recently stumbled across couscous again and realised its so easy to make and cheap too (which is a big factor to me) I have done some research and found its less calories than rice and is made from pasta basically. I've read that quinoa is much better.. But it's expensive :s I haven't tries wholegrain couscous yet as my super market doesn't sell but will check my health shop this weekend to check prices.

Just wondering really If this was a staple for anyone else? Any health facts or intersting ways to spice the flavour up a bit? I adding lemon and chilli to the couscous and mixing sardines.

10 Jan
Couscous... the food so nice they named it twice
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Feb 5, 2014 5:34am
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I stuff bell peppers with it. You can pretty mix anything with couscous. 
My favorite is with goat cheese cranberries almonds spinach. I stuff that in the bell peppers and make a basil cream sauce. Probably not really healthy buts it's delicious. another couscous recipe is with apples herbs and walnuts. That was delicious as well.