Calorie counting help!!!!

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Jan 14, 2014 2:58am
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Okay so here's the story first.
-I separate workout days (legs,butt, arms,abs)
-I want to bulk only in the leg I'm butt area
-I burn approx. 500 calories a day
-consume 2000

So should I have a calorie surplus only on my leg and butt day in order to gain bigger muscle?
Do I keep my calories at a minimum on arm and ab day to maintain/loose weight in that area?
14 Jan
You say you burn 500 calories per day, I assume that is what you burn working out. You should really figure out what your body burns during the day as a whole and then determine what your calorie intake should be(check out my post on: not losing weight. Are you eating enough). This way you can get a better picture on your daily calorie burn and what your intake should be. Since you are looking to gain in one area and lose in another I would recommend sticking close to what your daily calorie burn would be, but have a...
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Jan 16, 2014 8:55am
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As long as your active, with a moderate-to-intense workout, and you are honestly sweating a good amount, I wouldn't stress too much on the calories. Our most important tool and notifier is our body. Sometimes when you eat food that is not necessarily good for you, it doesn't make us humans feel good. The mirror test is also essential. If you are not happy with your progress, you may have to make a slight decrease in calorie intake on rest days or minimum activity days. However, when you are moderately active, you can maintain a normal calorie intake. Don't starve yourself either, it is important to maintain healthy meals throughout the day to promote a good metabolism. Good pumps and good luck!
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Jan 27, 2014 8:23am
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I think dont cut down too much on calories cause u need dat surplus amount to burn off d fat durin ur workout session.....u cn also visit for more info