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Jan 14, 2014 10:46pm
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I want to lose my baby fat in my tummy.lose my face fat and legs too.whats good to eat go stay lean and get lean.i hear red meats are bad.well what are red meats like hamburger and steak? So is chicken and fish good? Is some hamburger ok? Please tell me what's good and bad to eat.im not a big veggie person unless It's soup.is soup ok?

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Jan 14, 2014 11:04pm
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All lean meats are fine to eat. Read Meat are fine, it's not bad fore you. Thats a myth.

Lean meats (birds, lean fish, lean beef, low fat steaks etc)
Healthy fats (advocado, salmon, oils, nuts etc)
Veggies and fruits (you know what it is)
16 Jan
It's best to eat red meat that came from an active animal. General rule of thumb: if it used to run, swim, or fly it is a good for you. But, hey, if you like some ground beef get some with a lower fat %. It is better for you and tastes waaaay better! It's worth the extra $. I try to get at least 90% lean beef
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Jan 14, 2014 11:13pm
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What Christian said. Plus, broth based soups are usually pretty good for you (chicken noodle soup with lots of chopped up veggies, etc), just be careful of the salt content from canned varieties. Try and make sure you drink extra water if you have one of those. Be careful of cream based soups (like chowder). They aren't necessarily bad for you, but they tend to have more calories than broth based ones. Also consider upping the amount of water you drink a day. Have an extra glass or swallows here and there. More water means a healthier you in all aspects.

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Jan 14, 2014 11:51pm
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If you like soup try that cabbage soup its both healthy and helps for weight loss as well. If your looking for a replacement meal a day that will be healthy foe you and help lose a lot of weight try smoothie. Preferrably a green one. I know people say they are nasty but the one i make it yummy. Add spinach, oatmeal, half banana, green apple, can or fresh pineapples, ice cubes and water and bam healthy smoothie to help lose weight