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Mar 5, 2014 12:46pm
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Anyone got some great recipes or meal ideas!

Im talking..

I also realllyy want to know some good smoothie or fresh juice recipes!!

Ready! GO!

<3 Tricky

05 Mar
Recipes for Athletes in the forums is jam packed with good stuff
07 Mar
Thanks ill check it out :)
13 Apr
I love almond milk, strawberry, apple and banana smoothie. A must try is the one made with water, golden Apples and melon (the one that is White inside and Yellow outside, i dunno what U call it in english). As for recipes it depends on what U wanna eat :)
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Mar 12, 2014 10:54am
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mix this : 0 fat milk + one banana + one apple + one tea spoon honey + (optional: add chocolate powder) + cube ice ... and dont drink it all at once ... serve it and drink 3 times during the say  insead of drinking all at once.. this way u will increase ur metabolism ...

cold drinks help to burn more calories coz ur body needs that extra energy to turn it to 37 degre our natural body temp ...

12 Mar
I bought some meal Idea books . I can send u if u want . They're by a v popular fitness Instagram personality .
19 Mar
Thanks for the recipe I will definitely try this one! :)
23 Apr
Welcome Charlie ! I will try to add some new more receipes !