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Mar 12, 2014 1:36pm
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3 years ago I was introduced to Metabolic Balance. It's a nutrition program from Germany which is not as well known here in the States. My aunt from Germany introduced me to it. It was developed by a team of doctors, but not as a "diet". Because it's a nutrition program that can be used by people trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle through food. If you are overweight, losing fat is a great side effect of this program. And it makes you feel amazing.

When I started in early 2011 I stuck with it 100%. And it worked. I got my blood drawn and measured myself and sent the info to my aunt, who then sent it to the Metabolic Balance doctors, who formulated my customized plan based on my blood values. So right away you can see it's not a catch all plan like most other "diets" out there. It's specific to MY body.

After the first week I began to see results. I was amazed. Because this program is designed to stabilize your hormones (which control everything in your body, including weight) I began to feel happier, more energetic, more in control of my emotions. People immediately saw the happiness on my face, my lightened mood. The meal plan was very straight forward, I had a specific weight of protein and vegetables I had to eat for each meal, each value calculated from my body information. I could only have one protein per meal, which makes sense since because this makes it easier for your body to process. For instance, if toy eat a cheeseburger with Mayo, you have three different proteins to process, and since that is difficult for the stomach, it turns most of that into fat. No sugar either. Not one bit. Except naturally occurring sugars like in fruits. Processed sugars turn into fat, especially if you are not exercising hard enough to get rid of that energy.

So for instance my breakfast could be 230 grams Greek yogurt. The plain kind since the flavored ones have sugar. Vanilla is sugar! And 100 grams berries and for crunch, I crumbled in some WASA bread. That's it. Or another option could be 2 boiled eggs, mashed avocado and spread on pure rye bread or wasa bread. Put the sliced eggs on top and mmmm it's delicious.

Anyway, as a result of this healthy nutrition plan I began to drop the pounds, quickly and healthily! By the second week I had dropped 6 lbs. afterwards I averaged about 5 lbs a week. And there were never plateaus, EVER. I drank my 4 liters water every day, stuck to the plan and I felt great. In about 4 months, I lost about 80 lbs. Had I actually done more exercise, I probably would have lost more.

Now I'm back on the plan, because I had faltered. My wife and I had a cold and we both gained a lot of weight and me heart problems are reading their ugly head again. Time to get back to it and eating healthy!

12 Mar
keep it up ! . Stick to what works
18 Mar
That's a good effort. But was it the diet itself that caused the weight loss or were you just eating less calories due to eating "cleaner" foods?
18 Mar
Lewis, the weight loss was a result of feeding my body only natural foods. This program does not count calories at all. It's not a diet. Weight loss is a side effect.
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Mar 12, 2014 2:16pm
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That is very interesting to meI would do itKeep trying buddy.