Paleo: Just another Fad?

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Mar 14, 2014 6:12pm

I want to get other peoples opinions on the paleo diet craze . Back to basics all natural fruits and veggies ,high protein free from hormones and additives sounds great in theory but dairy as well as wheat and other grains are a big no no . I personally can't fathom not having dairy in my diet! lol Is it really that bad for you or is this just another fad to appease and herd the masses?

14 Mar
I have tried a paleo treat. Very yummy but I wouldn't be able to eat it as a diet.
14 Mar
Just eat and exercise lol. Diets are so overrated lol
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Mar 14, 2014 6:57pm
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Well, my grandmother is 75, looks 45, and has eaten dairy everyday of her life, so.... you tell me lol

14 Mar
Exactly! My gram is the same way she is 81 never dieted a day in her life and is healthy as can be. I just dont buy into all thes diet fads as wonderful as they seem
14 Mar
Lol for real - I will say this though - back when our grandparents were our age, the pasteurization processes were different for dairy, a lot safer and more natural - nowadays, in America anyway, companies cut corners and use practices that can be harmful to the body if too much dairy is consumed. Congress allows them to do it though, because when food companies can save and make more money, so can the politicians who are buddy-buddy with them - it sucks
14 Mar
Besides, you look great and i bet you're the picture of good health, just keep doing what you're doing sweetie!
14 Mar
Well thank you ! I dont know if im the "picture of good health" I like junk food way to much lol but i am definitely trying to eat better, you are right though the FDA and the government will do anything to save money . They basically want people to be obese and in poor health .
14 Mar
You are correct miss - keeping people in bad health means that they will need medication, which puts more $ in the government's pockets - not this guy! Lol, I'm not falling into their trap