Cabbage Soup Diet

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Mar 20, 2014 1:06pm
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Hey guys I have been on a cabbage soup diet. I have been drinking protein shakes (Walmart Atkins brand) I have been eating fruit cups and If you wanna switch it up I eat spinch that fresh or out the can with a boiled ehh as a lunch. I dont include seasoning and it still traste great to me. I also eat a chicken breast or baked chicken either with a salad or vegetables. I dont drink soda, eat chupa, But sweet is my weakness so i eat sugar free popsiles to Keep me going. I lost 5 pounds in a week off the cabbage soup diet. I hope this help someone. And if it do please write me and let me know you process as well.

20 Mar
I've done it. U do lose weight fast. But are mostly likely to gain it back just as fast. I don't recommend this diet. Pounds will come off however they won't stay off. I highly recommend juicing cabbage. Yuck right? Well this works well not only for weight but hair skin, and health. Google it. I juice cabbage carrots and a pear everyday.
21 Mar
Hi you might want to look at portion sizes first. Initially you will lose weight on most diets, but It usually comes back with a vengeance. Suggestion: look up BMR, find out what yours is and try to back off about 500 calories. You actually need the calories to aid you in your weight loss. Good luck!!!
22 Mar
Im going to Try juicing the cabbage and fruits I have a juicer as well.
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Mar 20, 2014 1:28pm
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Not drinking soda & avoiding sugary foods is good for you & for everyone else. But cabbage soup diet is know as a fad diet (I have been on a few fad diets before). Fad diets are not recommended on the long term.
Don't do it for more than 1 month.

20 Mar
Thanks for the advice.
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Mar 20, 2014 3:25pm
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Been there done that, the cabbage soup diet is worthless. You are doing the best thing by cutting out sugars and eating more roughage (veggies). I love me some spinach - raw. For sweet drinks I buy Vitamin Water Zero, Sobe, & Bai. I even froze some.

I cut out most sugars but I still have a small piece of very dark chocolate everyday. And I lost 52 pounds in a year.

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Mar 20, 2014 9:45pm
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I did great on the cabbage soup but I got tired of it
21 Mar
Im at that point already. Im tried of eatinj