Not eating enough?

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Apr 5, 2014 10:38pm
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I'm gonna cut right to it:
I don't eat enough by anymeans.
My average diet consists of a protein bar, a clemintine, a cup of greek yogurt, and something for dinner (chicken, steak, etc.) and nothing else.
This is no where near what I should be eating and lately its really been affecting me because I haven't had enough energy to even stay awake in situations that I desperatly need to be awake in.. But since once being overweight i truly don't want to go back.
What are some snack foods that are easy to prepare and you guys reach for when you're hungry??
05 Apr
Fruit packed with lots of goodness and some sugar to help sustain concentration.
09 Apr
The less you eat the more you risk to regain weight because your body perceives the low calories intake as starvation and your metabolism will consequently slow down to maintain your Vital functions. If you workout at least 3 Times a weak then 1.500 calories per day should be ok. If you are trying to maintain your weight and you are working out, then you can also consume 2000 kcals. That is not much if you are working out. As for me i would go for the mediterranean diet, it is the best in terms of nutrition, U can google...
09 Apr
* i meant at each meal :)
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Apr 6, 2014 12:29am
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This sounds dangeriously low on kcal and nutritional value. I would for starters recommend you that when its hard for you to eat more to atleast supplement urself with vitamins. Those arent calories so you wont get fat. And it will help your body!

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Apr 6, 2014 9:59pm
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Nuts - protein and healthy fats

Apr 7, 2014 9:45am
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If you're feeling tired you're not getting enough carbohydrates. Your bodies main source of energy comes from carbs. If you're consuming a low amount of carbs your body will start to turn the protein you eat into glycogen which Is energy stored in your muscle tissue and liver. When you eat carbs it will do 1 on 3 things 1st if your body needs energy right away it will use the carbs to make glucose (blood suger) this will in turn spike your insulin levels which is an anabolic growth hormone that helps store protein and carbs into your muscles etc 2ndly if energy is not needed immediately it will the turn the carbs into glycogen which is stored in your muscles and liver (as I stated previously) 3rd if your glycogen levels are full and your body doesn't need energy only then will it store the carbs into fat through a process (if i remeber rightly)called trioglocen. So basically eat carbs for energy low carb diets are in my opinion pointless

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Apr 11, 2014 9:35am
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Fresh/frozen fruits, nuts.....lots of nuts, snack bars (atkins, special K)