Tips on how to get rid of junk food cravings?

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Jun 7, 2014 3:13am
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Hi I am 17 years old and I do calisthenics 4-5 days per week ever since March 10th and I've been seeing some serious progress since then so I thought I would also do a healthy high protein, lowered carb diet and it's going good except for one thing...junk....don't get me wrong but I am slowly laying off that but I'm having a really hard time not eating junk and I would do so good in the diet until the end or middle of the day where I would scarf a few cookies and that would be it and I need to get rid of these cravings so I can make even more progress with my calisthenics so I can get the beach bod I want for the summer.

07 Jun
I think the best advice I can give you is fine alternate things for junk food maybe a healthy granola bar or some pita chips or some are organic cereal whatever you're in to make sure that I had plenty of fruits and veggies and plenty of flavor to your meals I know sometimes healthy food can get a bit bland but there are ways to spice it up hope this helps
07 Jun
Personally, I believe junk food cravings are like any bad addiction, your body craves what you've been getting high on. You have to cleanse yourself of it, and go through a withdrawal period, before you can get to the other side where you won't crave it as much anymore. For example, I used to drink Snapple often when I was 16. One day I decided to be healthier, so I quit Snapple and only drank water. At first, water tasted bad, because my taste buds were so used to the other crap. I felt myself going through sugar withdrawals, I...
07 Jun
Stick on a 2000 kcals diet. Vegs, proteins and the right amount of carbs (potatoes, Rice, pasta) per meal. Snack: fresh fruit. Eat a healthy breakfast too (yogurth, or oats, or bread and jam+milk for ex)... This is what works for me (the only difference is that my calories intake is 1500). Good luck. Ps if u eat junk food ONCE a week there should B no problem
04 Jul
You gotta break the habit! Eating junk food is a habit that your mind and body rely on when you're feeling stressed or bored. It's not easy at first but gets easier with practice!
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Jun 7, 2014 8:55pm
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I get the same buddy for junk haha, try drinking plenty of water, it work's for moi

07 Jun
handful of peanuts and drink water and make you full
08 Jun
brush your teeth and you'll loose your cravings.. .

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