How To Stop Binge Eating

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Jun 9, 2014 6:16am
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Im 19 years old and used to have anorexia I binge 2-3 times a week and seeing a therapist but it's not helping
I've stopped binge eating as much but my weight keeps going up steadily because my stomachs been stretched
And I want to get my weight back on track and lose some kilos about 5kgs but can't if I keep gaining weight.
Any tips?

09 Jun
Emotionally speaking u should ask ur self y ur binging: do u miss something/someone in ur life which U try to compensate with extra food? Do U binge when bored/sad/stressed out? Once U solve this out ur binges should diminish. Phisically speaking (im a former bulimic) the only thing that keeps me from binging is sticking on a balanced diet. My adv is: eat the right amount of healthy carbs (pasta, Rice, potatoes, oats...) +vegs+proteins per meal, the right amount of carbs will not make U fat but will keep U full and satisfied for a longer period. This is...
09 Jun
Thanks:-) yeah I will ask myself that , Don't have any money to see a dietitian o:
09 Jun
Ur welcome :) what i suggest U is dont try to starve urself cos that will inevitably lead U to binge and when U eat again U ll gain all the weight back. Eat a 1500/1600 kcals diet adding all nutrients in the right amount (low fat cheese, turkey,chicken, beaf ,eggs,grains, veggies, fruit...coconut oil and olive oil) And keep exercising. U will see the results without starving urself :) an example of lunch would be:70grams Rice with vegetables or tomato sauce+a source of proteins: 150 grams of fish or 150 chicken or 100 grams low fat cheese such as mozzarella...