Green tea

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Jun 21, 2014 10:14pm
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So I got me some twinings green tea but how much water to bag ratio works best for flavor and do you have any add in that you like
22 Jun
When I make my tea I boil a pot of water and use 1tea bag to every 8oz, and I steep mine for about 10 minutes. And when I make a gallon for ice tea I boil a gallon ish and use 6 bags and steep until it's cool enough to pour into my empty ozarka bottle, and add maybe a teaspoon of sugar for each bag
22 Jun
I hope that makes sense
22 Jun
Makes perfect sense I thought about running it through the coffee pot lol
22 Jun
Man, I hadn't owned a traditional coffee pot in four years, but you could probably do that too. Honey is good in it warm, but if you refrigerate it for ice tea Id use sugar as the honey will seperate.
22 Jun
Right thanks a bunch