Any Gardeners out there?

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Jun 24, 2014 12:08am
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I recently read an article about hydroponic gardens , where you can re purpose veggie scraps and actually grow new plants in water from the ends of vegetables like lettuce celery and garlic. I really want to try it but not sure if it would work for me. Does anyone have experience or insight with this type of gardening? It sounds awesome! :)

24 Jun
I own a small landscaping buissnes...what were you looking for
24 Jun
I have never done it but have saw some systems before they can be pretty in depth to make one there is also aquaponics I think it's called where you have fish in the water and they feed off certain plants you put in the water and you have fish and veggies but like I said complicated
24 Jun
I think I have heard of the aquaponic ones also that's fascinating I don't want anything that in depth though I am just getting the hang of traditional soil gardening! lol I basically just want something I can start and possibly maintain on my windowseal :)
24 Jun
Yeah i don't think a hydro garden is something you can do on the window seal they may sell a kit but it has to have a recirculating pump and stuff at least the large scale ones do never saw a small one and that was a long time ago and the ones I saw wasn't for garden veggies if ya get my drift lol
24 Jun
Ohh I got ya ! haha Hydroponic growing maybe a little to envolved for me, but I am going try and see if I can get some roots to grow from the ends of lettuce and green onion with just sunlight and water and maybe transplant them in soil after