Tip to stop fast food

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Jun 26, 2014 1:06am
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Please how to get my mind asking for fast food and bad healty choice. I know it's sound stupid but their's no detox for fast food and i need help.

26 Jun
Avoid it eat before u go out or just think how long u have to run to burn off the amount of cals u gain hehe lot of work good luck
26 Jun
get the calorie counter app, it really shows you how ridiculous some of your food are
27 Jun
Carry a bottle of water with you at ALL times. That's one of my problems, I crave many things. I started carrying my water bottle with me always and when I had a craving or temptation I drink some water immediately it helps me alot! And when I dont have my water bottle its very easy for me to fall, that's just me though, it works for me.. try it who knows maybe it will work for you too