Nutritional ! Weight management ! I love it.

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Jul 25, 2014 7:50pm
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I have started a weight management program through Herbalife. Many people judge it because they don't know how it really works. It's not a magic potion that will make you lose weight. But it helps!
Herbalife has so many different products that it offers which include protein, vitamins, energy boosters, metabolism boosters, antioxidants , and even snacks! And so many others I can go on. But it all depends on what goal you are trying to accomplish . Some people may want to lose weight, gain weight or stay the same weight and just lose inches. Also what I love about it is that everything tastes great, none of that awful tasting protein shakes . And the snacks of course are delicious . There's also a few Herbalife sport supplement/ shakes which are ... Healthy meal for athletes, rebuild endurance glycogen replacement and muscle recovery, rebuild strength, and a few others that assist in rebuilding of muscles or reduce the inflammation of muscle after exercise ... If anyone is interested feel free to message me for more information! I also have a healthy daily menu that includes breakfast lunch and dinner with all the ingredients necessary to prepare the meals !
My husband and I both use this and it's very helpful specially when we don't have time to make breakfast or lunch !