Fit and Vegan?

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Jul 26, 2014 7:37am
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Hello everyone, I just wondered if there are more people out here who are Vegan, and working out a lot. It's been said that as a vegan you'd get a lack of protein, which is bullshit in my opinion.
Although, if you are vegan/vegetarian, tell me if you still like gain muscle or lose weigh ( in a healthy way)

26 Jul
No idea lol
26 Jul
Hi. I'm a gluten free vegan HYBRID. Sometimes I eat chicken (aka when someone else cooks and gives it to me) but 98% of the time I'm a pure vegan. I've been gaining muscle with no problem. Its all about a healthy balance :)
26 Jul
Hey. I have to cut alot of everything out my diet becUse I went to the doctors yesterday so im basically vegan...kik me @ leilaskik
27 Jul
hey i have always been a vegetarian in my life & there is no lack of protein in veg food. Also I like getting fit which includes both
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Jul 26, 2014 4:31pm

Hi Moriah - About 24 months ago i became lacto-ovo veg and about the same time increased by workouts for some challenge mountain biking, adding more core and upper body work. My goal was not to lose weight, but I have indeed lost about 4-5 lbs, yet the biggest change is that my body fat % has gone from about 23 pct to 18 pct. so i've actually had a big change it's just that weight alone doesn't tell the story. (Also, my cholesterol is better than it has been in years.) Yes, you need protein to build muscle, but my personal opinion is that your body is a fantastic machine and isn't going to say 'i won't grow muscle because you didn't feed me chicken, beef or fish protein'. if you give it rice protein, pea protein, whey or whatever, it's going to thank you for the protein and use it just like any other. Best of luck!

26 Jul
That's awesome! Thanks for your information (: