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Jul 28, 2014 9:33pm
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Here's an interesting bit of information. So people who embark on their fitness journeys often experience hunger pangs and sugar cravings. Especially those who decide to drastically change their eating habits all of a sudden.

There are a lot of factors at play here but here's one reason why this happens.

Sweet. The taste. Over thousands of years our brains have evolved to interpret this taste in a very specific way.

When a food tastes sweet it is often nutritionally dense and rich in calories (bananas, berries etc). So when we eat something sweet, let's say, a banana our brain goes 'hmmm...I'm sensing something sweet, it must be rich in calories' and signals the body that it is about to recieve energy. When this happens the body sends a signal back to the brain that goes like 'Yo brain! I just absorbed the banana energy. Thanks for the heads up!'. No hunger pangs or cravings till that energy from the banana is depleted and there is need for more energy.

This is how our brains have evolved to interpret the sweetness over thousands of years. That is until the advent of artificial sweeteners. You know...the colorful sugar packets that have zero calories.

Now lets say a person looking to lose some weight uses artificial sweeteners. They have zero calorie so it makes sense to use them right?


So this person takes some zero calorie sugar with his beverage. Again because of habitual evolution, our brains go 'hmm...I'm sensing something sweet. Must be rich in calories. Maybe it's a banana again!' and signals the body it is about to be 'energized'.
Except this time it's not. When your body digests the beverage, the artifical sweetener doesn't metabolize. Because it has no calories. It literally has NOTHING to offer the body in terms of energy. Your body signals the brain saying 'YO! MO' FUCKER! Where's my energy!?'. Needless to say, this makes your brain very upset and makes you crave or hunger for more calories even though you just had your tea/coffee/juice whatever.

Prolonged use of zero calorie sugar will result in the brain losing trust in its first interpretation of sweetness through thousands of years of evolution. So much so that, if you really do eat a banana the brain will assume it's just a false alarm and be like 'I'm sending something sweet...meh...must be one of those damned sugar packets' and even though your body recieves the energy from the banana, the brain will trigger your cravings and hunger pangs.

So you see, in the long run, zero calorie sugar will work against you. Be careful of what you eat. And don't mess around with your brain. It'll in turn, mess you up in ways you cannot comprehend.

Stay smart. Stay healthy. :)

28 Jul
Ping me if you want know all the science behind what I just said above. And always check your information. Never take chances with your health. Kik - there69
Jul 28, 2014 9:45pm
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Kik me more about the Info

28 Jul
Will do.
28 Jul
Sent you the details.
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Jul 28, 2014 10:33pm
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And lastly...I forgot to add this part.

The best way to curb your cravings, in my opinion is to actually eat a fruit. Or something that is nutritionally dense. In portions ofcourse.

Teach your brain that the fruit you just ate will suffice and in time your brain will re-associate sweetness with energy and satiation.

29 Jul
Great explanation!
29 Jul
Thank you. I sent you a message about the headstand. You can check it out when free :)

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