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Jul 29, 2014 10:42pm
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So I wanted to tell you about something I came across a month ago. Negative calorie foods. Also called catabolic foods. Maybe you've heard of them too. Anyway, they are foods that essentially give you zero calories. Better yet, they actually produce a calorie deficit. No, they're not some supplement created in a science lab. They are all natural. Examples include crab, broccoli, shrimp, lobster and more.

Here's how it works.

The calories that it takes to digest the food is higher than the calories in the food itself.

Suppose, you have a a plate of broccoli (yum!!) and lets say the total calories amount to 200. It takes about 300 calories to digest it. This creates a deficit of a 100 calories.

You could just change the way you eat. Maybe make a delicious crab cake eating all you want and voila! just watch the pounds melt away. You might as well go shopping cuz soon those pants aren't gonna fit your new sexy hips.

Wonderful right!?

Well...It would be, if it were true.

Last night, I actually told my brother who is obese, to eat healthy and include more 'zero calorie' foods in his diet. Then it got me thinking.

How does catabolic foods actually work?

I mean what's the point of eating anything that doesn't give you energy? And what about the people in the Arctic where most of their diet is seafood? How will their bodies function without energy? The Eskimos would literally eat their way to death wouldn't they?

So I did a bit of research and turns out that catabolic foods are a MYTH.

I immediately texted my brother
and told him what I had found. And apologized for giving him false hope.

A month ago, I came across the concept of catabolic foods through propagation by sites like LIVESTRONG.COM and I just took it on face value assuming that people at LIVESTRONG know what they're talking about.

This just shows that there is a lot of false information out there , especially when it comes to health. People trying to make a quick buck with fairy takes and half baked ideas.

So to sum up, there are NO foods that create a calorie deficit all on its own.


Cold water. This is the only 'food' that creates a calorie deficit. Water has no calories. And when you drink cold water, your body uses a bit of energy to raise the temperature of the water to body temperature. Thus creating a deficit. Emphasis on the word BIT. Because the deficit is negligible. It would take a year of drinking cold water to lose lose a couple of pounds.
So there you have it. When it comes to your health, when something sounds too good to be true. It probably is. If it isn't, be kind enough to let me in on it :)

Spread this message to people you might know who believe in catabolic foods.

Stay smart. Stay healthy.

*raises a glass of cold water*

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Jul 30, 2014 11:27am
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And for your information.

A stalk of celery gives about 6 calories to the body and the body requires less than half of that to digest it.

Proteins which are the hardest to digest require 20-30% of its calorie count to digest.

This is as close to a negative calorie food you can get.