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Aug 5, 2014 6:37pm
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Is ON whey protein any good for bulking up?

05 Aug
Yes! You should take 0.8 grams to 1.4 grams per kilogram of body weight 1 kilogram=2.2 pounds. Example: if you take 0.8 grams & you weigh 155lbs you should consume approximately 56 grams per day! You do consume protein when you eat certain foods so I recommend consuming half of that kn whey protein! So if you're 155lbs half would be 28 grams! Too much protein can cause gain unwanted weight! Always take the whey protein immediately after your workout! !
05 Aug
Thank you for your advice :)
06 Aug
ON is probably the best protein you can get, I love that stuff. Just whatever you do, never get GNC products they suck.