Grading of eggs.. What u need to know..

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Aug 8, 2014 4:06am
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Wondering which egg to eat?.. Confused about the quality and grade?..
Lets see which egg to eat..
According to USDA.. Grading of eggs should be done as:
Grade AA
Grade A
And Grade B
But whats the difference between these 3 types??...
Grade AA eggs are of the superior most quality eggs, then comes grade A and then the lowest quality being that of Grade B...
But what defines this quality of eggs?.
Its the type and quality of
2.Air cell
4.egg white.
But pretty much what we are concerned about is Protein content..
The protein content of egg white is measured by haugh unit ( based on the height of its egg white)...
Permitted Haugh unit of different grades are as follows..
Grade AA - 72 or greater
Grade A - 60 to 72
Grade B - less than 60
So we can infer from here that Grade AA eggs have the highest quality and content of proteins..
Now how can u see which quality of egg do u have... See the following in the egg..
1. Shell- if clean, unbroken and normal, they are of Grade AA or A...
If its stained or abnormal they are of Grade B
2. Air Cell- do egg candling and see wheather air cell is less than 1/8 inch (grade AA) or less than 3/16 inch(Grade A) or more than 3/16 (grade B)
3. White-clear and firm(grade AA)
Clear and slight firm(grade A)
Weak and watery and not cleae(grade B)
4.Yolk- outline not clearly defined in Grade AA and Grade A... Clearly defined in Grade B...
Summary - Grade AA eggs are the superior most in quality and protein content. Followed by Grade A and Grade B...
Eat healthy live healthy..
For any more queries on the topic do ask..
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08 Aug
Never seen grading in UK only barn, battery or free range
08 Aug
We should probably create another topic for this but: There are certain foods that I always stick to organic, eggs being one of them. Eggs, Milk, chicken, beef, (all meats actually), wild caught fish (stay away from farm raised). Pretty simple actually, what you put into your body is what fuels you so stay away from processed foods and sugary drinks, it's all empty calories.
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Aug 8, 2014 4:30am
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WowThat has cleared all doubts. Thanks. I always do ponder on what differs. Grade AA, A and B. Overallgrade AA is better but quite expensive

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Aug 8, 2014 4:35pm
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But you didn't mention what the average protein content in each is for an average sized egg.