Super green powders....?

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Aug 22, 2014 1:41pm
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Anyone any knowledge/experience of these that claim to include your 5 a day? I realise eating actual greens is the best plan, however I work long shifts in a hot/stuffy van and don't always get back to the office to thought this might be a compromise to eat on the go.
26 Aug
The limu seaweed meal replacements are good and the green powders work but are not meal replacements. If you want to use them as a meal replacement make 25 grams of protein in 8 oz of milk any kind really and your green powder and if you can make a smoothie add a banana and peanut butter. At mist those powders have 200 calories in them and that IS NOT a meal
26 Aug
Thanks! I had thought about mixing the green powder with something to make it more of a substantial meal replacement. I'll certainly look into the limu seaweed