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Aug 26, 2014 1:48am
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OK so I've made some changes to my diet and they aren't very severe but I feel like once they started I got abdominal pain chronically all throughout the day and it hasn't gone away. Should I be worried? I started a omega 369 supplement regiment and cut sugars and carbs almost completely from my diet and replace it with healthy fats and started drinking whey with almond milk. The pain isn't in my abs its inside my stomach somewhere I can physically feel it when the pain starts and I drink or eat something I can feel the liquids or food touch it

26 Aug
That happened with me when I switched to a healthier diet and I was diagnosed with IBS for a lot of healthy/super foods. It was a shock but I've found ways around it with a dietician and it is now manageable. Better to find out than go with what you're going through now. Fingers crossed it's all good news
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Aug 26, 2014 10:22am

You should really go and see a doctor and get medical advice. It could have many reasons. You could possibly be intolerant to one or more things you're now eating. You could try to rule this out by taking notes of what you're eating and how you feel with this. It could also be that the change of foods was to sudden for your body and it needs time to adjust to this new situation. Try to take it slower and let your body get used to your new food intake.