What are you having now??

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Sep 12, 2014 5:58am

Hi, im seriously trying to change the way I eat.. i cook for my husband and I, but most of the time he wants burgers, grilled chicken with fried potato or pasta among other things that I know and realize that aren't healthy, so im trying to eat more healthy things like smoothies in the morning, cereal, fruit.

What do you normally have for breakfast, lunch or dinner? give me some ideas! :)

12 Sep
I always eat some bread with jam or somethin and musli with milk.for the big meal u have to eat just for lunch.for me,its okay to eat everything u want for lunch.but not too much.and for dinner eat some salad or another meal with many vegetable in it.i hope im helping :)
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Sep 12, 2014 7:09am
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I eat very unhealthy.sometimes i have periods when i eat way more than i should, sometimes the opposite.now i try to eat more at breakfast and to slowly give up at dinner.the last meal of the day should be at around 16:00-16:30.im just experimenting and see if it changes anything haha.and you should try to grill more. :) grilled meat is tasty and not as damaging to the diet.c:

12 Sep
Heyy :) I myself eat pretty healthy, but I too love to eat chicken, burgers etc. but those aren't always junk food, it just depends what you add in them ya know butter, greecy cheese... I would advice googling ur favorite food with adding the word healthy to it. You might find something interesting :D
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Sep 12, 2014 3:33pm
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During the week it's pretty reliable  for me. Eggs and steamed veg in the morning, a piece of toast with peanut butter first thing just to get the metabolism going, and the proper breakfast a bit later.

Lunch is either baked chicken or pork and edamame or a spinach salad.
Dinner is less predictable - hummus and rice crackers is a favorite, steamed shrimp and stir fry rice and veg are common. Tuna. Eggs(i love eggs, what can I say? Lol)  Beans. Baked Yam.

Snacks are fruits, bars(kind, that's it, van's mostly), dry cereal in the desk at work. 

There's some variation, but that's the norm. I'm more of a 6 small than 3 large type of eater. I go for little things throughout the day.