Good Diet for someone with knee surgery and little exercising...

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Sep 30, 2014 11:22pm
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I'm looking for a good meal plan/menu that could help me in losing weight while I recover from my impending knee surgery. I don't have a problem with most foods except, I am allergic to shellfish and hate yogurt/oatmeal. Other than that, all menus, sites, links welcome.

I'm ready and willing to lose 20 pounds by the new year and unfortunately exercising has been taken out of the equation until roughly January.

Thanks for reading!

30 Sep
Spark people,, and check out Recipes for Athletes in the forums here for great recipes that include nutritional value
01 Oct
Thanks for the response!
03 Oct
Hey Lillie, I can send you a nutrition guide. It's not so much what you eat but how you eat. 20lbs doesn't seem a lot, but the body can allow 10% of your weight at a time. Message me if you would like more info. I have post some meal options on a post. Pretty sure you can get to it from my profile. :)