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Oct 3, 2014 11:14am
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Hey folks, being in fitness for two years now and nutrition for one; I want to share the meals I have made for myself! I do have digestion issues so most of it Is only veggies and protein. (Non Dairy Products). I am lactose intolerant. Can't digest some whey products. Love certain carbs and others my stomach hates. Just want to share to give off ideas :). I wasn't looking to lose weight, but more get my intake on what my body can handle. All these meals are very delish. I am pretty wise on how to eat and what to eat now. If anyone needs help please message me.

· I have tried the banana with 2 eggs to substitute for pancake batter. Easy to make just use non sticking cooking sprays.
· Chicken cooked with broccoli and onions. Topped with some cottage cheese.
· I in aluminum foil; grilled a sweet potato, two chicken breast, and broccoli.
· Two Leafs of Lettuce, chicken breast, cactus mixed with pico de gallo (onion, tomatoes, cilantro)
· Strawberries and cottage cheese
· Chicken breast, Sweet potato, with black beans.
· Ground turkey, black beans, Brussels sprouts, and carrots (steamed)
· Spinach, Tuna, Cucumbers, Lemon and Sunflower seeds with avocado
· Ground Turkey with asparagus with a protein shake.
· Chicken, Asparagus, mushrooms, and black beans.
· Bananas, cucumbers, and celery with almond butter and sunflower seeds.
· Brown rice, spinach, chicken and peppers.
· Lettuce Wraps with shrimp, tomatoes, avocado, onions, and cactus.
· 2-4 Hardboiled eggs with blackberries
· Teas are also Great to go with meals

03 Oct
Mm they do sound yummy.. Just awake now and banana pancakes sound delicious
03 Oct
There's also oatmeal pancakes that are excellent. I made some yesterday with some cinnamon and apples.
03 Oct
Thanks for sharing Mari:-) keep ripping it up!!
04 Oct
Great easy list.. I will start trying your meals from tomorrow as I need to go shopping today :)
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Oct 3, 2014 6:27pm
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Thank you :)