Kettle cooked chips healthy?

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Oct 13, 2014 5:21pm
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I'm eating healthy and not drinking juice or soda only water and plain green tea but yesterday my mom bought kettle cooked salt and pepper chips and I was just wondering if they were healthy I'm trying to get a six pack and tone my whole body but those chips are calling my name and I eat healthy meals and snacks everyday nothing unhealthy
13 Oct
For what it's worth. When someone waves a bowl of something like that under my nose, I politely take 1. ONE only. And eat it in tiny bites relishing it. One chip has seven bites.
13 Oct
Yeah, I think you should eat the chips. No, they aren't healthy. So don't pig out and eat the whole bag or anything. And don't eat them every day. But my philosophy is that if you don't give yourself any wiggle room them your setting yourself up for failure. Treat yourself sometimes. Having a handful of potato chips isn't going to ruin everything.