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Oct 16, 2014 6:57pm
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Okay so I've lived on my own since I turned 16 and at first I cooked everything, but after a while I got out of the habit and started to just snack rather than eat meals. I rarely have meals. I'm still reaching an acceptable amount of calories but it's all just fatty foods. I can't go for long without becoming fatigued. If I'm going to start working out again I need the energy. What kind of meals do I need to start eating in order to give my body the energy it needs?

16 Oct
Low fat chocolate milk, Greek yogurt + fresh berries, apple , beans , fatty fish and vegetable from green plant
16 Oct
On thank you :)
16 Oct
Get a Forman grill. I love it, easy healthy and quick. Throw a chicken breast on while sautéing some veggies. Eat half the chicken and save the rest for work or a later meal. You can make some really good burgers too. Wrap it in lettuce and it's so yummy!
16 Oct
You don't have to get a grill. Do stove top meals.
16 Oct
Eat brown rice, for meal plan...try chicken or lamb place in pot try seal meat turning until color change. Add onion, stir add bell pepper, then add potatoes slices in halves, carrots sliced , broccoli or whatever veg you want to add. Allow to cook until water dry out n veg is tender.