Too much protein??

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Oct 19, 2014 6:01pm
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Hi all. So i'm eating very healthy, loadsa loadsa protein and working out at gym and home. But is too much protein bad for you? Sure ive read about your liver not breaking it down very well???

19 Oct
If you training hard you should have about .08 grams of protein per every pound you weigh. If you are ingesting more than the body can use it is typically stored as fat for a later energy supply. So don't go overboard on the shakes. Best if luck!
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Oct 19, 2014 8:20pm
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To much protein won't hurt you. However at some point it's not helping you. Your body can only absorb so much before the rest of it just gets flushed out of your system. If you getting it from foods than no worries. If you taking protein powder you may be making really expensive pee.

Oh btw follow me

20 Oct
Im only having one protein shake a day which is one scoop. But eating loadsa high protein foods aswell as fruit/veg and healthy carbs. Cool
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Oct 20, 2014 5:57pm
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Too much protein can be bad for you IF you have impaired kidney function. If your kidneys are fine then they will work to filter out the extra protein you don't need.

My take on it is - why make my kidneys work harder then they have to? I just take the protein I need; taking more would be unnecessary and expensive, albeit harmless to my health. Hope that helps

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Oct 20, 2014 7:52pm
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You should try to eat .08g of protein for every pounds you weigh... like me I weigh 200lbs so I eat 200g a day... the amount of protein should be spread out through the day not every meal.. also, if you work out you should eat a little more to rebuild tour muscles

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Oct 20, 2014 10:14pm
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I totally agree with David. Just wanted to add if the protein is not from clean sources you could end up with high cholesterol. There are also studies that bone decalcification is a cause of kidney stones associated with high protein diets.

I do lift weights and consume protein shakes and have protein with each meal, but I also have either fresh fruits or veggies on the side. It's all about balance and what your body needs :)

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Oct 28, 2014 10:19pm
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Thanks everyone. Im incorporating loads into my diet, fruit, veg, healthy fats and good carbs, fish & meat and plenty of water. I hope to see progress soon, never had such a strict diet!