Anyone else prone to water retention?

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Oct 22, 2014 3:04pm
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I had a very frustrating few weeks, and now it seems like my gains were probably all water weight from being dehydrated.

I rarely get thirsty (except in the middle of the night when thirst wakes me up :( ), so forget to drink enough. Lack of thirst kind of makes getting enough fluids a conscious effort. I have to put my water glass in a spot where it's almost constantly in view to remind me to drink.

My mom is the same way - she jokes that she's a camel - so it's likely genetic. I don't eat an excessive amount of salt or sugar. Mom has high blood pressure, and dad is diabetic, so I was raised on a fairly low salt/low sugar diet and honestly dislike an excessive amount of either. Diet is pretty clean, really. I've hot a whole heap of food intolerances, so very careful to eat well.

And yet, I seem to be retaining water like mad at intervals without showing any significant signs of doing so, just because I forget to drink enough.

It was driving me crazy, recently, trying to figure out the cause of my weight gains, even just a bit more water seems to be steadily knocking it back down, though...if I can remember to drink it.

Anyone else have a similar issue?

I'm not sure how to tell I'm dehydrated and retaining water if I'm not displaying any obvious signs, but it seems like something that happens to me pretty often.

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Oct 22, 2014 9:57pm
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my dad only drinks with meals my mom carries a gallon of water with her at all times and refills it hourly. I sip a cup of tea every hour but really the best way to tell if your dehydrated is your pee. yellow to clear your fine. yellow to dark brown you need more water.

if you find you need more water try taking water bottles and drinking half to a whole one an hour set an alarm on your phone to remind you even if you have to chug

also cucumbers lemon and a few mint leaves in the water helps prevent water retention and bloating

22 Oct
See, the pee didn't help determine. It's normally quite light (TMI that that is), but the moment I up water intake the excess weight starts to fall back off pretty quickly, so I'm clearly retaining. Unfortunately, lemon and mint are both no-nos for my restricted diet, so I'll just have to make sure to guzzle half my weight in water every day. Lol.
23 Oct