Green tea for pre workout protein shake for post workout

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Oct 26, 2014 4:03pm
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So I drink green tea 30 mins before my workouts and after I drink protein shake and a piece of fruit. The reason why I drink the green tea before because I heard green tea target belly fat and will aid it and the protein shake will help my muscle recover after a workout do you think this plan is good
26 Oct
I drink iced green tea with honey and salt as a sports drink and yes it makes your body use energy from the fats but it won't just target your belly, when it comes to loosing weight you can't spot train but a great choice though I think
26 Oct
@raja a I will try that and yeah it's been workout for me and the protein shake after a workout is just amazing it doesn't make me as hungry
26 Oct
Yeah you Could get creative and add peaches in it or buy a flavored green tea if your calorie window allows it great drinking though and good luck with your workout and if you'd want someone to talk about workouts feel free to hit me up :)