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Nov 6, 2014 3:28pm
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So my hubby and I are recently married and we both decided to get into shape. I started doing food prep on Sundays for the entire week for both of us. In fact, I did what's called "mason jar meals" for breakfast and lunch. It helps with portion control and it's nice since it's grab and go meals. I've recently become a paleo addict and I've converted him to being the same way (minus some cheat meals), but I'm looking for more meal ideas. Please share some if you have them!

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Nov 7, 2014 2:21am
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I eat a lot of salads. To make it easy I wash and cut up all my vegetables as soon as I buy them. That way they're ready to toss together. As a bonus, when I'm hungry for a snack, pre-sliced veggies are every bit as convenient as potato chips, so there's no excuse to reach for junk food! If you want to add protein, then prepare a bunch of chicken beforehand as well. Already cooked and chopped up, easy to toss right into a salad.

That's what has worked for me, I just feel like cooking is so inconvenient and I hate it, so I found ways to make food prep convenient. Figure out what your go-to excuses are, and find ways to eliminate them.

Good luck! And congrats on finding your soul mate!