5-6 meals a day?

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Nov 13, 2014 1:02pm
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What exactly do you people who eat 5-6(+?) meals a day actually eat? Because I struggle to even eat 3 times a day sometimes :/ that is plus healthy snacks like nuts and fruit, sliced up veggies etc.. I'm guessing I'm not eating enough since I don't eat any more than before I started working out a few months ago.

13 Nov
Im only eat 2 times in perday..
13 Nov
Eat every three hours small portions without skipping breakfast
13 Nov
I will try that thanks :)
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Nov 13, 2014 5:31pm
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Meal 1:
Chicken or turkey bacon
Meal 2:
Veggies, a serving of fruit
Meal 3:
Lean meat or fish 6oz
Sweet potato, brown rice
Meal 4:
Protein shake - almond milk
Serving of fruit
Meal 5:
Lean meat or fish
Steamed veggies, quinoa or salad
Meal 6:
Boiled eggs
Or protein shake - almond milk

Also 2litres of water a day

13 Nov
Wow :) sounds like a large effort for me, but I will give eating at least 5 times a day a try, thanks
13 Nov
You can still eat 5-6 times a day. Three of those meals being breakfast, lunch and dinner and just small meals in between. It's all about portion control and have smaller meals throughout the day. :)
13 Nov
Yeah that makes sense :) I didn't know protein shakes and stuff like that would be considered a meal and was confused with how much time you'd have to put into preparing all the meals and all
13 Nov
What's your goal?
14 Nov
To get toned but also build muscle