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Nov 16, 2014 8:22pm
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I've been around 140 pounds for the past year. My maxes are still going up but I wanna break 170. Anyone know any quick ways to gain weight. I go to the gym everyother day... please help

16 Nov
Protein packed foods is the one of the best ways to gain and build muscle faster. Foods like tuna, chicken, eggs, etc.
16 Nov
16 Nov
You don't want to gain weight quick the maximum muscle mass you could possibly gain in a week is 1 pound so aim for that and take in about 20 calories per pound of bodyweight with clean eating and 2 to 3 gms of protein per pound of bodyweight. Hope this helps and yeah kill it at the gym ;)
16 Nov
Ok sounds good
17 Nov
Hey bud, I am around 160lbs and am also trying to put on weight. I just recently found out about casein protein. It's a slow release protein that I read will give your body something to feed on while you sleep instead of your muscles. I just bought a tub of protein that I take half an hour before bed to make sure I don't lose any weight while I'm sleeping. The theory is that if you have dinner around 630 then go to bed around 10 and sleep till 6, all that time you are not feeding your body....