Should I try to lose weight or gain confidence?

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Dec 2, 2014 1:50pm
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First off, I'm a bit uncertain of what I really want to achieve, so my thoughts and questions are perhaps a bit hypothetical. I had huge issues with eating and body image when I was young and now my philosophy is eat what I want and exercise because it's fun and makes me feel good. At the same time, even though I don't want to because I'm afraid of falling back into old habits, I occasionally feel an urge to lose weight.

I mainly eat low carb/high fat or according to glycemic index, but I can't stay away from sugar. I'd say my diet is good food wise, we rarely eat out, takeaway maximum twice a month, three meals and one snack a day, and the vast majority of what we eat is home-cooked and organic. The problem is that I love sugary treats so much. Chocolates, candy, baked goods, I eat something almost every day. I don't binge or overeat, but the accumulated amount in a week is probably quite big. I've been on sugar strike several times during the fast, but as soon as it ends I start eating sugar again. And I've never lost any weight during the fast either. This further confuses me, does this mean my weight doesn't have anything to do with sugar intake either?

Most of my weight gain was because of mental illness and wrong medication and when I started feeling better and was put on proper medication I lost over 20 kilograms in a couple of years. Since then my weight can fluctuate about 5 kgs up or down depending on my life situation, never more or less than that, no matter what or how I eat. The medication I'm on now does not have any weight related side effects.

I'm confused and don't really know what to think. Should I try harder and lose weight (how?) or should I just work more on accepting that this is who I am and as long as I'm healthy it's good? These are thoughts that I've never really shared with anyone, because somehow I also feel ashamed of not being happy with myself, because I know people around me think I am.

Please share your thoughts on this! All input is welcome.

02 Dec
Why not do both, but perhaps look at it differently. You workout because it is fun and makes you feel better.....GREAT 99% of the battle is getting off your butt and being comes the easy part. By the sounds of things your eating habits are good. Keep focus on eating health, fruits, nuts, veggies, chicken, fish etc while avoiding processed foods, sugars and empty calorie, while an occasional cheat is okay and mentally healthy. And finally throw away the scale or realize that the"number" on the scale is only one, very small, part of overall health. I prefer to...
07 Dec
Thanks, Brian! I'd LOVE to throw out my scale but I need it for weighing my cats. Luckily I stay away from it most of the time because I know numbers are just numbers and nothing else. After working out a lot more than before for the past three weeks I feel so much stronger, my body is getting more toned and I feel overall good. I have my ups and downs, some days I'm stuck in thoughts about losing weight, other days I think screw that, I'm good enough as I am, now let's have some cake and ENJOY...
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Dec 3, 2014 1:23am
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Hello Anna, the way I feel, is when Iwork out I feel better, which builds my confidence. And I have way more energy when working out, and I also find that I am not as hungry if that makes sense, and if you have to have sugary snacks, like do I will have a small piece. 

What I do is just eat smaller portions and I will eat my Dinner on a dessert plate, even though I know my plate is smaller, I fill it up,  and it looks like there is more food,  and I do not go back for seconds, especially since I have been working out, why spoil what I am doing!! 
Hope this helps, so workout to feel better which will give you confidence, and if you are like me, you will see how much stronger you are.
07 Dec
Thank you for replying, Barbara! :) See Vishal's response above, I think he totally nails it.
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Dec 7, 2014 6:12am
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Idk the answer but best question asked

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Dec 7, 2014 8:19am
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Try to gain confidence Anna..cuz trust me the day you will get your dream will still be having some weaknesses  or lagging behind in some areas of life etc. cuz nobody is perfect..and then you may try once again to overcome that weakness in order to  gain confidence and it will go on like that..and you may never really feel just accept the way you are ...workout like the way you is good to know that you like working out and you enjoy it..that is wonderful(i feel the same way about working out ) continue it and keep enjoying it..working out is supposed to be fun...but don't feel bad if you think you don't have a great yourself and love yourself ..It is not just about may be having a lot of good qualities and proud of them..and also It is your body and it is entirely your decision what to do with it and how to keep it!!Take care..

07 Dec
Thank you so much, Vishal, for your wonderful answer! Spot on.
16 Dec
My pleasure Anna..:)
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Dec 7, 2014 11:06pm
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Heyy Anna,
This may already have been said lol, not sure but basically I would say just accept yourself truly. You are who u want to be, only if u are trying. So if u tell yourself u want to be a size four, which I was lol I'm now a size 6-8. Then do what you need to do to get there, whilst accepting that no matter what size you are still the same good looking person. Lol, it makes working out fun when u have a goal and as long as u stay toned! No matter what size u are you'll always look good, I mean look at queen latifah and nicki minaj lol. And to me i don't think weight matters. Because it's how u look, if u look good you'll feel good, just stay toned. Doesn't necessarily mean losing weight. But just keeping fit

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Dec 8, 2014 12:03am
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Hello Anna, it depends on if you are at a healthy weight. You might need to do both. Of course you can and should build or self worth/ confidence. If you are at an unhealthy weight you should lose weight to avoid health issues. Something to remember "Your body is not a dumpster so dont throw trash in it."