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Dec 10, 2014 5:52am
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I ALWAYS work out in the morning but usually, I'm NEVER hungry. So, normally I force myself to eat a little something -fruit & yogurt,for example. But when I eat when I'm not hungry...I get so overly bloated I feel like I cant move, and the longer I sit there and let it digest, the 'tireder' I get. I usually manage to make myself get up and workout, and tell myself I'm not actually tired. But I was wondering if fasted cardio is really all that bad. By cardio I mean 15-25 minutes of hiit. I usually wake up around 6:30, and workout by 8. On a rest day, I wake up at the same time, and I'm never hungry until around 11.

10 Dec
You are just like me. There are some studies that say you its better to eat and some studies say otherwise. I found my body to work best on an empty stomach for about 30 min then i drink a shake. Your body burns fat for energy when you dont have an energy supply such as food but if it feels it is burning too much fat on an empty stomach it will start to use muscle for energy. So dont go past 30 min on en empty stomach when u are exercising.
10 Dec
Thanks for your input :) I appreciate it. I'll give it a go this morning.
19 Dec
I have also heard both sides to this. I do a fasted run about once a week. Maybe you should try a fatty breakfast instead of a carby b fast? I will have coffee with coconut oil and heavy cream and run for an hour. Also if I am working out and start to feel shaky I just gulp down some raw local honey. It works great and I can keep going. Working out fasted is perfectly fine. Just make sure you eat afterwards to save muscle like previous post mentioned
19 Dec
Well I'm just /never/ hungry in time. I wake up early to workout before school & such - I'm kind of on a schedule. I never wanted to do fasted cardio/workouts 'cause I was worried I'd go too hard and my body would start "eating" my muscles instead of fat. I've been at it for about 3 weeks now though, and haven't noticed any drawbacks. If anything I feel better. I guess its all depends on the person.
19 Dec
I agree. A lot depends on the individual. I think if you are at all worried about muscle loss it is pretty easy to do a whey protein shake and or bcaa and glut amine supplement. Have it ready in a shaker bottle and slam it after you workout Quest bars are my favorite snack on the go
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Dec 19, 2014 2:06am

Did you try cardio without eating?


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