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Jan 6, 2015 5:20pm
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Hey everyone , hope you all are doing well.
So, I've come to you guys today because I'm having a little abdominal trouble .
Since December I have cut out pasta , rice , chips , pizza, potatoe .. Things like that out of my diet. It has been very effective on getting rid of belly fat , but it's not perfect , I want to "cut in " more to see my Abdominal lines . Any advice ? Thanks !

06 Jan
It sounds like you want to have lean ads. What I for my lower ads is simply hang from a pull up bar and do lag lifts it real give you those lines beside the legs.
07 Jan
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Jan 6, 2015 5:40pm
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Good to know that uv quit all such faty stuff..all i can advice is stick to ur regular exercise.although i m not sure with what u do..but i can suggest u with some of my loved exercises for lowr abbs..
1st..lay on a reguler bench in ur jim..with hips completely off the bench..
Straighten ur kneys and toes...and simply rise ur legs high and then similarly down..this will allow ur legs to go beyond 270 degrees.
N dont 4get to hold something by ur that u dont fel down..
Do atleast 2 sets of 15 repetetions.
And then cal any of ur partner..
Ask him or her to push ur lets down as u lift them up..this will cause a high pressure in ur lower abbs.
Just try to stop ur legs as b4 they tuch the ground..
Try atleast 2 sets of these..
M sure ull get good results very soon..

06 Jan
Great I'll try it out! Thank you for your advice!
07 Jan
And do you know anything for thinning legs? Mostly thighs
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Jan 6, 2015 5:47pm
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How long have you been following the same nutrition plan?  Truthfully, I suggest you refine your nutrition plan and try a variety of cardio exercises. To make things simple, abs are like any other muscle you can work them out and they'll get bigger/stronger but if you don't burn the fat around it they'll never show.  Therefore nutrition and cardio to burn the fat... Try crosstraining, plyometrics, HIIT, long distance, sprints etc

06 Jan
Um... Around a month, it's hard as when I eat round people's houses, they usually serve these kind of foods. Yea, I've made a plan, in autumn and winter I'll train my muscles, get them bigger etc.. And in spring and summer I'll boost on cardio :). And thank you for the advice