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Jan 18, 2015 3:52am
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I've been hammering this in a few posts now so I think it's time to put it out there. There seem to be some of you that have trouble losing weight, losing fat or gaining muscle.

It's simple: If you're not eating to match your goals then your making things harder for yourself.

Any form of weight loss or gain is 70% nutrition. Some would argue more, some less, so I've picked the midpoint. No matter how hard you train if your bodies not fueled properly, whether you've not eaten enough or you've eaten too much or too poorly, you're literally robbing yourself of the gains+/- that could've been rewarded from the effort you put in on the floor.

There's no one size plan for anything that suits everyone.

So next time if you're struggling to gain in any direction, don't beat yourself thinking you didn't do enough. Take a look at what you've put in and what you've put out and chances are, if you don't have an underlying medical condition, the answers to your questions will lie somewhere within that little puzzle.

Train smarter not harder.

18 Jan
Couldn't agree more!! Although, I thought it was 80% diet lol and yes no matter what....you will never out run your fork!! Thanks for posting
18 Jan
I have a problem with gaining weight to my muscles of course I tried some gainer and it didn't work.. Now I am trying this method - extra meals supply X 1.618 I wish it would work :)
18 Jan
Maria I'd have to agree with you by saying it's at least 80% but for the sake of not wanting this to turn in to a bicker about the diet percentage and lose sight of what it's really about I tried keeping it universal. Thanks :) Mohammed weight gainer is just a high calorie protein shake. if you're body isn't anabolic your muscles will grow slowly or not at all. I'm not sure what you mean by the meals x 1.618? make sure your getting a healthy intake of protein each meal as well as either fats of carbs try...
19 Jan
Hey Tyson, I have to apologise for my poor attempt to be funny. I realize after reading it back, I sounded like a smart ass. I love your post and have much respect for your dedication and knowledge. Thank again :)
19 Jan
Was not a poor attempt at all Maria. I've sent you a PM to clear any misconception of how we may have misunderstood each, I can see that you were having a humorous reply to me.