Want to look like the sexy fitness models

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Feb 17, 2015 6:59pm
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I am currently 185 lbs and want to achieve 18-20% body fat. Who had accomplished something similiar. Diet plans and excercise plan? How long will it take.

17 Feb
I went from a 27% Body fat percentage to a 19% Body Fat Percentage! It take me that long due to the Nutrition Program that I am on and me working out with weights.
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Feb 19, 2015 7:22am
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Fitness models are usually between 5 and 12 % body fat. It takes time , patience,  and determination to reach these levels. If you don't know your bmr, bmi and your current body fat % I would go to a gym nearby and they can help you out. If you can't get to a gym you can Google how to calculate bmr, bmi, etc. Once you know start tracking calories and stick to a workout routine. You'll be able to find out your maintenance level and how many calories you would need to cut on any given day to start shredding fat. I know it sounds like a lot but trust me it is not rocket science.  Good luck

19 Feb
That's really not advisable. At about 13% a woman loses her menstruation and with that comes other complications like increased risk of osteoporosis.
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Feb 19, 2015 7:49am
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5 percent is only done by professional male bodybuilders right before a show who have doctors on call and are really invested in their fitness etc for women achieveing a 13% bodyfat is a truly amazing feat and they shouldn't go any low then that! For an average male 10-12 % is good where your abs would be really ripped and for women 15 percent is pretty good

19 Feb
Speaking of which, I tried a few body fat percent calculators online. I got the answers 25%, 31% and 44%, lol.
19 Feb
Haha well don't trust them lol I try gauging my bf% from pictures try the navy calculator I guess it's somewhat accurate
21 Feb
I probably don't want 5%. Just want to look good in a bathing suit with some muscle tone and nice abs. Nothing manly. I am 31% bmi and 35.8% body fat. Not good at all