Very little food or just exhaustion?

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Feb 18, 2015 10:18pm
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So lately I've been lifting weights constantly but it seems I get very very sleepy afterwards I believe I eat enough I sleep enough so why do I get extremely tired specially after lifting and squatting? I don't eat breads sweets and stuff like that mainly chicken fish vegetables and tons of water and whichever fruits I crave.. can somebody tell me what's going on? I've also been very clumsy I can't hold my balance as good seriously sometimes I'll step and tip to the side?? I'm kind of scared? Birth control maybe? Help

18 Feb
I think eat more. It has happened to me. And I used to think that I eat a lot until I calculated my calorie intake which proved that to be very wrong. Try to eat more protein especially after lifting. And I'm not an expert but I believe that carbs are a good source of energy. Yeah look up complex carbs and u will find foods that are a good source of energy. I think it goes like this ur body uses carbs for energy and to keep going I u don't have enough carbs it might start using proteins...
18 Feb
Thank you I literally stopped with the carbs im believing its that.
18 Feb
Your body needs some carbs as it delivers fast energy. Fat is also energy but it's not that quickly accessible. Than, logically, when your reservoir is empty (what you usually aim for when lifting for weight loss before cardio), you get tired as your body lacks energy. Try to add some carbs :-)
19 Feb
Yes eat more. Every 2 hours if possible helps me. Yes eat carbs but there are carbs in veggies and fruit. These would be your complex carbs. Along with grains like oatmeal, couscous, and now I am a fan of amaranth. On my cardio days. Where I do 2 hrs of cardio on a machine and play basketball for an hour+. I have high carb and high fat days on those days. So my diet would include my steal cut oats with flaxseed, Chia seeds in my protein shake, avacados, sweet potatoes, hard boiled eggs, kale, whole milk etc. I'm...
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Feb 19, 2015 1:41am
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Rule of thumb...calories in..calories out...just avoid the empty ones! 
Also, remember our brains require glucose to function optimally. Our bodies convert the food we eat into the glucose we require. If you're depriving yourself the basics, you can be damn sure your body will rebel! 
Keep up the amazing work! Great job! 
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Feb 19, 2015 3:46am
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A diet containing 50-60% carbohydrates is generally considered healthy. If you're looking to reduce carbs and want to maintain a good energy level, no less than 40% of total calories. Consuming too few carbs will leave you feeling like a slug.