Joe Cross's Fat, Sick & nearly Dead (Juicing)

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Feb 19, 2015 5:31pm
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Just wondering how many of you guys have watched his documentary on YouTube?

Basically a guy who is overweight & sick decides to do a juice fast for 60 days & lost 82 pounds & cured his illness.

I know this is extreme, but I was just wondering wether anyone has done a 3,7,15 day juice fast & did they notice any benefits?
20 Feb
Now I'm on day 3..and let me tell ya I feel like crap!! I'm pass the "food cravings I wanna stop phase" kind of. I feel sick don't know if its because of the weather or this juicing..I don't know yet. I did research this juicing idea prior to doi g it but everyone video I seen on YT everyone is happy and saying they may've felt a certain way all while smiling and laughing stating they feel "Amazing." I feel depleted since starting this and overly fatigued. Again I don't know if its from my Anemia or lacking proper...