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Mar 24, 2015 5:45pm
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The chart is it important to get all the goal percentages? I uploaded today's chart to my photos and i am quite far off today for the carbohydrates but I have my supper ready for later and know I won't want anything else to eat ?

24 Mar
It's a "goal" that you set for yourself try to get to that or as close as you can see what you did wrong and try better tomorrow but don't let it discourage you.. only show you what you need to do in a day for the results you want
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Mar 25, 2015 12:24am
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May I ask why you've got the percentages set the way you do?  20% seems a bit low for protein, 50% a little high.  
25 Mar
That should read 50% carbs a little high
25 Mar
Jeff, hit the wrong button to reply to you about the percentages. :-/ Sorry.
25 Mar
When I started the app it asked me if I want to gain, maintain or lose weight and I clicked lose and this was set automatically but it confuses me a little bit
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Mar 25, 2015 12:58pm
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The basic CDC and NIH percentages are 20 protein, 50 carb, 30 fat. Myfitnesspal uses those guidelines. If a person is trying to gain muscle they can of course adjust the protein percentage. 
The reason it is set as default to these percentages is because those guidelines help a regular person take in enough micronutrients found in carbs such as vegetables, fruit, etc., enough fat to carry the fat-soluble vitamins, and enough protein to MAINTAIN muscle mass.
They use science-based research to set the percentages, and adjust the recommendations if new,  SCIENTIFIC research indicates otherwise.