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Mar 26, 2015 4:33am
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Im 5'4" and 170, im a mom so i dont eat much during the day. My question is since ive started a couch to 5k thing i know eating right is a big deal, and not eating enough will wear out your muscles. So how much/what should i be eating?? Thanks :)

26 Mar
Go back to the basics. Lots of fruits and veggies, carbs, and proteins. Minimum carbs for more weight loss, and more protein for muscle repair.
26 Mar
Read ScottyK's reply in the thread My Foodie Help. He has two really good responses to this topic.
26 Mar
Sorry My Weight Loss
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Mar 26, 2015 5:12am
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If u running a lot without weight lifting try around 25%fats 30% protein 45%carbs as far as how many calories u need a u can Google it it's base on age height, body type, and activities. It's hard to get the right carb to protein right away but stay with a base for about a month and make adjustments as needed. As far as what to eat the less processes the better. Good luck

26 Mar
13 to 15 times your bodyweight in pounds which according to your weight translates to 2200 to 2500 calories a day roughly. That's a good start eat healthy and don't fear the healthy fats from peanut butter nuts olive / coconut / fish oil etc good luck loosing