Meal plan?

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Mar 27, 2015 2:52am
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Where can I find meal plan to help me stay on track healthy eating etc to use a a guide maybe suggestions and so forth

27 Mar
My advice is keep things simple. No one needs more complication in their life. Try eight hour fasting. That means you only eat in an eight hour window. So skip breakfast. Eat a protein source and lots of non starch vegetables, snack on nuts in between to maintain energy levels. Do that and the fat will melt off and the muscles will pop out.
27 Mar
And fifteen minutes minimum of high energy exercise will help too. I notice you haven't completed any routines on the app yet...
27 Mar
Matthew, do you know what Reginald's goals are? His weight, activity level etc? Or are you just handing out advice without background knowledge?
27 Mar
8 hour fasting?