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Jun 4, 2015 4:33am
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Soo I'm pretty much always out and used to eat out all the time, I started my diet (once again) and began going to the gym. I've cut out fast food and bought snacks to snack on during work to avoid the sugar/junk crave. I've been doing alright but my body is always hungry! I get stuffed quite easily but not even an hour later, my stomach is grumbling. I eat fruits, trail mix, Oatmeal, yogurt etc am I eating the wrong things? I really need some nutrition advice. I know what's healthy, just don't know how to appropriately integrate it into my lifestyle. Thanks in advance!

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Jun 4, 2015 5:08am
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Hi how about water how much do you drink? Hydration is important and it may help keep you a little fuller in between
05 Jun
I am gradually increasing my intake but am definitely not drinking the adviced amount. I will try to drink more and hope it helps.
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Jun 8, 2015 11:35pm
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You need Protein, that's what helps you be full longer, you need to portion and prep your meals for the whole week, look on pinterest for meal prepping ideas. The palm of your hand (square) is going to be your meat (protein) size it can be about as thick as your hand too. Your carb need's to be about a half cup cooked or a closed fist size portion (inside). Your veggies are unlimited, start with as much as you can pile on your hand if you feel like your still hungry keep eating the veggies. But you need to spread out your meals 3 hours apart 2:30 min is okay but trust me I find 3 hours exactly is the Key!!
I have more tips, but it seems like you need to start fixing your hunger levels and reshaping your stomach. You can incorporate protein shakes in after your first week of trying meal prep. And last but not least, attempt to drink a gallon of water, get an app I have Aqua alert. let me know

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Jun 16, 2015 3:55am
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I lost 28 lbs in 3 months last year by making a bunch of fresh cut vegetables in steamer bags with a small amount of cubed protein chicken, ham, etc...). I would eat one of them before I made a meal and normally would only want a little more if anything else.The fiber and water content helps keep you full and 15 minutes later I am not hungry.