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Jul 26, 2015 1:45pm
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Hey folks,
I know it's not sporty and healthy or clean to drink alcohol at all. Especially when you want to be fit.
But dammit I'm young and I want to get wasted :D I rarely drink alcohol anymore, maybe 1-2x a month.
So I just wanted to ask what you're doing the day after? Some detox drinks or magical hangover cures? Just to get the metabolism to normal again.
Thanks in advance & cheers (;

26 Jul
Water...and plenty of it. Flush the system.
27 Jul
Have a large glass of water and a couple of painkillers before you got to bed. It reduces the amount your brain swells which causes the headaches, and keeps you a little hydrated. In the morning drink a lot of water, orange juice to spike your sugar levels up, and eat a high protein/carb breakfast. Hit the sauna and sweat it out if you can, run it off, or simply eat healthy and don't beat yourself up about it. Like you said, you're young, hell I got wasted 3 nights at week at the weekends, but I trained like an...
28 Jul
Do not take pain killers after drinking. That is horrible advice.
28 Jul
Okay thank you! The high carb and high protein breakfast was an awesome advice. I'm feeling almost fit again ;D it's quiet hard to drink plenty of water but I'm trying my best :) Don't have access to a sauna but maybe I'm going for a swim later.
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Jul 26, 2015 5:42pm

I get that your young and all, I am too. However that shouldn't be an excuse for you to go out and get drunk that is not the atitude of a person who truly wants to be healthy. If you want to stop the trend of having to recover of a night of drinkng just don't do it.

27 Jul
I disagree. Live and love life. It's not all about fitness.
28 Jul
I am healthy anyway. But I don't want to dedicate my whole life to fitness and being 100% healthy. Because if you do say goodbye to fun and social life. I'm glad that I'm over the time I always bet myself up when I even thought of cheating on the diet or my sports plan. So if you don't have any advice just don't reply to a topic!