What's best vegetarian for increasing weight.

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Aug 27, 2015 12:31pm
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Hey guys!!
I m 15,my height is 5" 4.and weight is near about 44.and I want to increase my weight up to 52.
And I m the person who runs 3 km in morning .
Plz suggest me what should I eat.and what should I do or do not.
Plz help me...

18 Sep
Vaibhav, if you want to increase weight it would be best if it is mainly muscle, so you need to eat more and do some weight training. If you don't have access to weights then you can find plenty of bodyweight exercises to do on the internet that train your whole body. In regards to diet you can stick to your normal vegetarian meals, just eat more of them and maybe focus on the higher protein sources. Good luck