Muscle Milk: yes or no

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Sep 15, 2015 6:32pm
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My goal is to tone and gain muscle. I DON'T want to put on extra pounds but I DO want to gain lean muscle. I have been drinking a 2 scoop serving of Muscle Milk (310 calories) after every workout for about two years now and I still have a lot of jiggle. I'm wondering, if I take it down to one scoop, will it still help me gain muscle?

15 Sep
You should workout regularly ..... Never give up .... You will succeed ... Of course useful foods and drinks will help ... You should be patient
15 Sep
I do some form of exercise 5 days a week.
15 Sep
That's very good .... Never give up .... If you give up , you will lose everything ... as that you didn't do anything from the beginning .... I advise you to keep going
15 Sep
I'm not giving up, just wanted some advice on Muscle Milk. Thanks, though for the encouraging words!
15 Sep
You are welcome ... I hope you will reach your wishes of your body Muscle .... You can read topics about Milk Muscle on the internet